The “Everything” Bundle

Get all our Deep Relaxation and meditation music tracks at once for 25% less than buying them individually! Currently 18 tracks, and will grow to include future releases. As the name says, it's every track we've got, including:

Price: $59.99

“All the Scripts” Bundle

Price: $49.99

Confident Breastfeeding Techniques & Affirmations

Your body was designed to breastfeed. A large component of breastfeeding success depends upon the mother's confidence in her body, and the support she receives as she and baby develop their nursing relationship. Our Breastfeeding Techniques and Affirmations Track is actually two separate recordings in one: The first is an instructional Breastfeeding Techniques track which will help support you as you learn to breastfeed. The second track is the Breastfeeding Affirmations; positive, inspiring statements which you can listen to during a nursing session, or anytime you want to increase your confidence about breastfeeding and boost your milk supply. You can listen to them back to back, or separately as needed. Positive imagery and affirmations have been shown to increase milk supply, improve the let-down reflex, reduce discomfort and help you get a good start to your breastfeeding relationship.
Price: $5.99

Your Healing Place

The first track in our upcoming series, "Post-Natal Healing and Wellness Program", Your Healing Place takes you on a soothing and empowering journey, teaching you to create health in your body, mind, and spirit. This track is appropriate for pre-natal wellness, postpartum recovery, or any time in your life when you want to take control of your physical and mental health. This session will leave you feeling rested, rejuvenated, relaxed and ready to face the day. It is also wonderful for exhausted or stressed new dads!
Price: $5.99


Relax and expand your mind with this shimmering, cyclical journey. Tones appear and reappear through waves of sound, their melodies echoing over time. Your emotions evolve with the textures, growing and swelling, then retreating and repeating. This music is heard in the hypnosis script "Glove Anesthesia".
Price: $1.99


Experience waves of warmth and joy as this piece rises and falls in a positive, soothing, and affirming atmosphere of peace. This music is the same found in the "Ideal Birth Experience" hypnosis script also available on this site.
Price: $1.99


An evolving, spacious, and sustaining piece with layer upon layer of textures and sounds. The flowing cycles and swells are perfect for taking yourself ever deeper into relaxation. This music is the same found in the "Ultra Deepening" hypnosis script also available on this site.
Price: $1.99


Find serenity and security in the constant tones of this track. Wide, enveloping soundscapes combine with a distant melody, surrounded by shimmering light. This music is the same found in the "Hallway of Light" hypnosis script also available on this site.
Price: $1.99


Create the perfect ambience for labor, birth, meditation, relaxation, and self-hypnosis practice. Warm tones and melodies are heard over the natural rhythmic sounds of ocean surf. This beautiful, atmospheric track is the same found in the "Prenatal Bonding" hypnosis script also available on this site.
Price: $1.99