Active Relaxation Practice

Childbirth is in your DNA. Every woman is part of an unbroken maternal line, stretching back to the beginning of our existence as a species. Your body knows instinctively how to give birth, just as it knows how to nourish and sustain your baby during pregnancy. 

In this recording, you will learn to use your birthing instincts as hypnotic anchors to deepen relaxation and focus. This is called Birth Instinct Anchoring, and it’s a key skill differentiating Curtis Method from other birth hypnosis programs. It’s simple to learn, easy to practice, and it works. Through your daily practice you’ll create a conditioned relaxation response to natural simple things; opening and closing your eyes, swaying your hips, changing positions, vocalizing, breathing, resting, sitting on a birth ball, etc. When women learn to embrace (rather than repress) their instinctive sounds and movements during labor, they are truly able to birth unhindered, and without fear. During labor, the skills you practice will enable you to listen to the signals of your unique body and to trust your intuition.

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The “Everything” Bundle

Get all our Deep Relaxation and meditation music tracks at once for 25% less than buying them individually! Currently 18 tracks, and will grow to include future releases. As the name says, it's every track we've got, including:

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“All the Scripts” Bundle

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The Colors of Peace

This script is a new approach to the Rainbow "Chakra" Meditation used in Yoga and Hypnotherapy. Our Colors of Peace Track is designed to bring you down into a very deep level of relaxation, while teaching the following skills:The Colors of Peace

  • Open-Eyes Hypnosis: This is a simple yet incredibly effective tool for birthing, enabling the mother to remain in an ultimate depth of hypnosis, whether her eyes or open or closed. In fact, this script teaches you to deepen your relaxation significantly each and every time you open your eyes. 
  • Active Hypnosis: Learn to use the natural, instinctive movements of your body to trigger greater relaxation and comfort during labor. You can feel confident about remaining deep in hypnosis while walking, changing positions, and swaying during your birthing time. 
  • Finding your birth song: You will be prompted to practice making a low, relaxing sound that you can use to block out distractions, open your throat and your birthing muscles, and focus your energy during labor. 
  • Affirmations and Relaxation specific to each Chakra in the body: The Chakras are an ancient meditation technique using the colors of the rainbow, practiced for centuries to balance energy, release tension, and affirm wellness throughout your mind and body. 

Features the music track "Harmonics" by composer Israel Curtis, which combines calming, descending tones with the sweeping sounds of ocean waves crashing onto shore.

Price: $5.99

Confident Childbirth Affirmations

This recording is an easy, structured way to teach your mind to think confidently and positively about pregnancy and birth. Positive thinking will enable you to remain comfortable, relaxed, healthy and confident during your birth experience. Repetition is the key to changing negative thought patterns about pregnancy and parenting, so we recommend that you listen to this track every day, in the background of your daily activities, and while drifting off to sleep at night. Eventually, these positive suggestions will become a part of your mental and emotional reality, creating a powerful imprint that will help you create your best birth experience. 

Price: $5.99

Creating Hypno-Anesthesia for Pain Relief

This track is a natural, easy way to manage pain, tension and discomfort by teaching you to release and control your own endorphins. You can use this technique to relieve headaches, heartburn, muscle tension, back pain, uterine cramps, and more. Learn how to release your own natural painkillers and turn "OFF" tension, pain and discomfort. Glove Anesthesia is an amazing and effective pain-control technique!

Price: $3.99

Prenatal Bonding

Take a journey inside your baby's perfect home and meet your little one face to face. The love you will experience for your unborn child causes you to release a powerful flow of oxytocin and endorphins, the feel-good hormones, which suppress and even eliminate fear and stress. Parenting begins long before birth!
Price: $5.99

Glove Anesthesia for Childbirth

Glove Anesthesia is a powerful and simple mental anesthesia technique that you can use to transfer a comfortably relaxed sensation to any part of your body. With regular practice, you will learn to create a state of mental anesthesia, beginning with the muscles and nerves in your hands, and then transferring that numbness and relaxation to other areas of your body. This script works beautifully for active labor, crowning and birth, as well as the aches and pains of pregnancy and postpartum: headaches, heartburn, muscle tension, back pain, uterine cramps, and more.

Price: $5.99


Relax and expand your mind with this shimmering, cyclical journey. Tones appear and reappear through waves of sound, their melodies echoing over time. Your emotions evolve with the textures, growing and swelling, then retreating and repeating. This music is heard in the hypnosis script "Glove Anesthesia".
Price: $1.99


Experience waves of warmth and joy as this piece rises and falls in a positive, soothing, and affirming atmosphere of peace. This music is the same found in the "Ideal Birth Experience" hypnosis script also available on this site.
Price: $1.99


An evolving, spacious, and sustaining piece with layer upon layer of textures and sounds. The flowing cycles and swells are perfect for taking yourself ever deeper into relaxation. This music is the same found in the "Ultra Deepening" hypnosis script also available on this site.
Price: $1.99


Find serenity and security in the constant tones of this track. Wide, enveloping soundscapes combine with a distant melody, surrounded by shimmering light. This music is the same found in the "Hallway of Light" hypnosis script also available on this site.
Price: $1.99


Create the perfect ambience for labor, birth, meditation, relaxation, and self-hypnosis practice. Warm tones and melodies are heard over the natural rhythmic sounds of ocean surf. This beautiful, atmospheric track is the same found in the "Prenatal Bonding" hypnosis script also available on this site.
Price: $1.99