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Click the red download link above for each track you have purchased. A link to this receipt is included at the bottom of the order confirmation email that was just sent to you. You can return at any time to view these details and download your tracks.

NOTE – the linked file is a ZIP archive containing your tracks in MP3 format, and it is recommended that you access the download link on a desktop computer, as it is rather large in size, and many mobile phones do not support opening ZIP files. Once you have “unzipped” the file, however, you can move the enclosed MP3 audio files from your computer to any device you like (iPod, cellphone, CD, etc). Those customers who experience difficulty with their download link are almost always attempting to open the link on some device that is not capable of handling the ZIP file format or are using a mobile phone data connection, which is often far too slow to reliably download the large files we provide. We use this format to ensure your products are actually downloaded and delivered to you, rather than simply “streamed” from within the web browser, which is the default behavior for direct links to MP3 files.

Thanks again for your purchase! If you have any questions or concerns, please email us.

Charges will appear on your credit card or bank statements as from: “PAYPAL*SOMATIC”